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If we don’t make it happen….It won’t happen


Feeling stagnant in your role is something which happens periodically in the cycle of every employee’s life.  But the reasoning behind this feeling is something which needs to be examined before any rash decisions are made.

Sometimes it is simply that you are a round peg pretending to be square and have felt a lack of fulfillment in your role for some time, but it’s only materialising now because you are seeing colleagues or friends achieving their dreams while you are still convincing yourself that the seemingly “safe” or “responsible” option was the right one to take.

Challenging our ideas about ourselves is an important step to take here. Speaking as an Irish person, our culture of negativity and self-depreciation around our personal achievements and talents is the norm.

“This is nothing new” I can hear you say, but wouldn’t you rather be the one getting the pat on the back for securing a promotion or successfully changing your career to what you’ve secretly dreamed of all of your life?

The first step in this process is identifying if you have a passion for the sector you are working in. If this is not an area you can reach your career goals in then it’s time to identify your key skills, areas of expertise and talents and think outside the box. How are these transferable to another market sector or another industry completely? I know plenty of accountants who would never consider the technology sector as worth pursuing a career in, but the most successful accountant I know works in a leading multinational technology company and travels the world for a living with it. Not too bad eh?

Thinking laterally can free you from your rut.

Finally the most important step I can see after identifying what you want to do and in which sector or industry; is to believe. Believe you are the most qualified person for the job and not out of blind faith, because you have the proven skills and have the experience to back it up. If you go into an interview and meet a cynical recruiter who has already seen 20 people that day, if you don’t go in with the energy and the hunger to make them take note of you, you will be overlooked and the search will continue. For some stellar interview tips click here.

I’m no stranger to reinventing myself and tailoring my experience on my CV to suit the role I was applying for, and its true- you only have one opportunity to impress. If you come across as confident and assured, never cocky, you will make a positive impact and this will open the door for opportunity. For CV tips follow this link

On a complete aside, if you are not qualified for your dream role-now is the time to change that. There are hundreds of full and part time courses, most of which can be done consecutively to full time work which can get you where you want to go, and the back end of a recession is always a great time to look at the movers and shakers and decide who’s star you’re going to hitch your wagon to for the possibilities to come. Also as a plus, most employers will look at someone who is working full time and studying as a good solid candidate. This shows dedication and determination, two strengths every employer wants to snap up!

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