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Marketing Yourself in Today’s Job Market


So today I was thinking a little about marketing yourself to recruiters in today’s job market. It would seem that the tried and tested tips still hold a lot of weight, but also a bit of common sense and initiative goes a long way.

How you market yourself can be a tricky thing to pin down, because you have to know what your message is-what you want to achieve with what you have and where you want to go in life (if that makes sense?). Also an important one to know is your target audience-the employer you are applying to…

Knowing yourself and your goals is very important, but also knowing the sort of work environment you thrive in and excel at what you do professionally is equally important. There’s no point deciding you want to make your round peg fit in the square hole of corporate business, because after time the edges will chaff and unhappiness will creep in. In saying all this it boils down to doing your homework about the companies you’re applying to and looking at their work culture. It is more important than ever now to look into the company’s background to see if you can fit into their culture and if they can nurture your way of working in return.

In saying that the next thing you need to do when meeting with the lucky company is to prepare yourself for the interview: what I mean here is to know your CV, your history and where you see your future going and then make an effort to “look the part” to suit the environment you’re entering into, to give the impression you are a good fit for the company.

There’s no point going into an interview with a suit and tie for the likes of Facebook or Google who have taken a creative and unstructured view to their working environment. Similarly you wouldn’t go into Ernst and Young wearing your best Converse high-tops. It’s about being aware and current and applying this awareness to the situation you’re putting yourself. Needless to say the point of this is to make an impression to the person you are meeting with that you are the person they are looking for.

It is important to say you also need to talk the talk, showing your message is in line with the company’s message and goal in the business world. Proving you researched the company in the interview by making reference to this in your conversation is always good and having a line or two about what you know if asked is great. Then it’s your chance to tell them how your skills and experience can bring added value to the company. Tell them how your passion for what you do can add to the value of the team you’re looking to join and the culture of the company as a whole. Be strong and clear about this part because it’s important to impart this on the recruiter or line manager. Know your USP (Unique Selling Point), what you can bring to this role that no one else can, as this can be a lasting impression demonstrating your passion and determination to be a strong contender for the role.

A while back I spent some time figuring out my own marketing strategy and USP and it is something I use every day in what I do. Once you are a master of your own skills and talents you truly become a force to be reckoned with in today’s world of business.

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