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Temporary Workforce Management


We are always on the hunt for the next technology or processes that helps to stream line recruitment and or the management of temps & contractors. In 2013 we were introduced to an idea; “Tempbuddy” a platform that would use a pretty cool facial recognition system and geo-location technology to track and manage a temporary workers assignment.   We were so taken with the adaptability & functionality of the product we became an investor in this company and brought it into our business.

What does it do for the employer? Well it gets rid of the dreaded and painful time sheets and replaces them with a piece of software that will save you admin time, improve security & accuracy around time sheets (less error for any discrepancies around hours of work etc.)

So how does it work?

  • Temporary workers receiving assignment notification can accept and confirm assignment using their device. (smart phone, PC, IPad, laptop)
  • Information on the vacancy including location, hours and other notes are available on the device.
  • When the temp arrives to site, they “check in” using the device and take a photo to identify device user at the time. Facial recognition software enhances the level of security, along with geocoding to verify temp location.
  • The real time check-in and check out feeds back directly to Principle ensuring timely alerts for no shows.
  • Generates traditional time sheets, payroll data and invoice with secure audit trail.


As an investor and one of the first recruitment companies to go live in Ireland there is NO CHARGE for our client’s to access the platform on-line or the employee apps.

For agency recruitment (where the employee is sourced by Principle) or client introduces a potential employee to us we charge a small percentage fee on the hourly employment cost.  With the savings on our administration costs, this product enables us to provide this service at a pretty low %

Similarly for contractors under managed service agreements (not an employee, limited company) we charge a percentage on top of the contractors’ daily rate.

We are now busy rolling this software out to our clients and companies with a high volume of temporary employees.

For further information on how this platform may ease your management of temporary employees contact Audrey Hughes

Audrey Hughes
Careers at Principle