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When can you start? How does now suit?


Following on from ideas of how best to “market yourself” when on the hunt for the next step in your career I wanted to tackle the idea of motivation and possible pressures behind the desire to move.

Speaking as a recruiter this is a funny time of the year when it comes to open positions and candidates looking to change jobs. From a candidates point of view it is coming close to the end of searching for the year before Christmas time sets in and the hunt is on. There always seems to be reluctance around moving to another position when the festive season looms closely, and with only 18 weeks to go till the big day itself time is getting short for moving to a new role and getting your feet firmly under the table before the Christmas party is in full swing!

Whereas from a recruiter’s point of view it can be a frustrating time as many hiring managers send us wonderful job spec’s in and then vacate the country in favour of pastures greener or sunnier or sandier or warmer or even just not the hum drum of the office environment.  While it’s great to have the roles in and to be working on them, at this time of year the time delay between a candidate first getting excited by a role and the window to follow up on this fantastic opportunity can result in a time lag.

I’ve seen this personally leading to candidates’ panic applying for any and all jobs which meet their specific skillset and taking the first one who comes back with a near positive offer. This can be tough when you know they could be missing out on an opportunity that would be perfect for both them and your client who has the vacancy.

I’m sure many have spoken about the correlation of finances, worth and the desire to climb the career ladder, to put it simply this sums it up for the month of August:

“Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons” quipped Woody Allen

and in this case, at this time of year it seems sometimes a half considered job offer is better than the one you’re in or one you’re only a hairs breadth away from being offered-or that’s at least what a lot of candidates think when response times increase while hiring managers are away sunning themselves.

The only advice here is what a lot would class as common sense-look before you leap!!! Consider the repercussions of taking a half considered; spur of the moment job offer in favour of waiting another week and getting offered the one which will send your career into a new stratosphere. Think long and hard about the reasons behind you pressuring yourself to have to move NOW and why you have to take this job offer NOW? In this case changing your job is a lot like panic buying, a great idea at the time but when you get home and unpack your purchases you get that sinking feeling in your stomach. Don’t allow the illusion of time slipping away on you force  you into a decision that is wrong for you and your career.

Avoid the sinking feeling…don’t settle in a job where you will be itching to move again come Christmas!

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Till next time…Carol

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