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How to avoid the new job blues?


There’s a great buzz going around at the moment and the jobs market is really hotting up and what I can see from the candidates I’m speaking to is that there seems to be a lot of urgency out there to get deals closed. Companies are becoming wary of the talent pool becoming limited and are trying to get the best of what’s available.

This urgency is something that I’m seeing every day and its having a strange effect on the candidates I’m dealing with, it’s like they’ve been robbed of their rational minds!

I approach making placements in an analytical way and matching the right candidate with the right company is like an equation which needs to be balanced, but with the increased urgency from the company’s side comes a change in the power balance, leaving us with some unsettled decisions to make about the future.

We all know the landscape of employment has changed in Ireland, and the world as a whole. Gone are the days when a person devoted their working life to one employer. But now what I am seeing more of is candidates who feel pressured and rushed into making decisions about the next step in their career. I am seeing more and more of candidates who are 3, 4 or 5 months into their “dream” job and calling me looking for an escape.

The only advice I have in this situation comes from experience, both my own personal experience in my career and also from watching the process from the outside: THINK HARD

Think hard about the reality of what your next step means and where it will lead to, beware of smoke and mirrors to close the deal quickly and above all trust your instincts – you have to work with these people every day so make sure you have a good synergy with your new team.

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Till next time....Carol 

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