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In the changing times that we are facing now in the recruitment industry, we are seeing a turn in the generations who are on the cusp of the emerging workforce. It’s time for HR and Talent Acquisition teams to step up and realise that the new generation that will make and develop global organisations has a new agenda.

With good old Generation X and Y, recruitment was focused on fostering a culture and environment where they could work in an inclusive environment, enticing candidates through the recruitment process with visual media and offering challenging work, professional and personal growth opportunities. Corporate values must be sync’d with their own values and a greater awareness of the impact each and every person has on the organisation was realised. The emerging Generation Z or the “New Millennial” Generation have a more self-focused agenda.

They have grown up in a world where the world’s largest social media organisation is run by a 31 year old; teenagers are making cutting edge technology advancements and developing market changing apps through extra-curricular assignments and national competitions. We need to get with the program and realise that as members of the previous generation, we need to up our game and face up to the motivators behind the career aims of the emerging generation. The first place to review is our methods of communication.

According to a 2012 Forrester Research study, Generation Z is the second-largest demographic owning an iPhone at 24%, we in Generation Y are only just above them at 29%. This is chilling considering the majority of Generation Z are under 20 and have already assimilated digital communication to this level. As consumers they have 24/7 access to the internet and with apps driving the consumption to unprecedented levels, recruiters need to wake up to this. No longer can we limit ourselves to a rigid approach to communication, they are more likely to reach out to us outside of working hours when they are contemplating their place in the world than when they are focused on the task at hand. We need to find out where they are and interact with candidates in their own virtual space. Recruitment is going to become more intimate and more focused on building 1 to 1 relationships with potential candidates through these interactions. New Millennials will be the ultimate passive candidates when you consider their motivators and desires for changing the world.

No longer is job satisfaction and career progression the main motivators(money doesn’t even to come into this category), Generation Z are motivated by leaving a legacy on the world and the emerging graduates will see a budding career as a stepping stone to an entrepreneurial place in the business world. It’s no longer a pipe-dream when you hear kids talk about being inventors and shaping the future, the success of CoderDojo( is only proof that the youth have the ability to surpass current norms and in the IT world, are likely to be experts before they turn 20.

As a recruiter, I’ve changed. I now see with the next generation of candidates coming to me about career opportunities, that tried and tested or “safe” careers are no longer in vogue. It’s changed now and will never go back. I can only adapt and advise my clients that it’s time to evolve too.

Let’s face it; none of us want to be like Drake, singing about the phone calls stopping. The realisation is that the phone calls are a thing of the past and if we are recruiting for a different generation; we need to know where they are and target them in their natural habitat.


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